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there are no rules in college

Ten months, ten entire months have passed since I have made this post. I made this post while I was at college, I am now home. Moreover, some meme loving fuck, at some time today, I don’t know when, silently left a box of kid cuisine on my doorstep. You bothered to somehow find out where I live, which is quite far from my university by several hundred miles, pay money for a frozen children’s meal, and drive out to where I live, just to meme on me. I can’t believe this is real.

This is mitch’s life now

'Just to meme on me' perfect

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i just told my mom i died at birth and i’ve been a ghost this entire time just growing and manifesting into the daughter she’d lost

and she’s just like

well please go to the light because i am tired of your shit

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i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture

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Remember when Never Have I Ever games used to be like “never have I ever had sex *giggle*”

Now it’s like “never have I ever had a six person orgy in a broom closet” and people are all like “crap, I’m out.”

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